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  • textile accessories, rivets, buttons, snaps, snap systems, eyelets, metallic accessories, cardlocks, cordends, buckles, belt buckles, brass wire hooks, hooks, brass hooks, labels, logo lables, label threads, zippers, metal zippers, nylon zippers, delrin zippers, fashion rullers, rullers, snap fastening machines, button fastening machines, towel, bathrobe, beach towel, apparel, denim, snap fastener, jeans, denims, denim products, jacron, leather labels, towels, bath robes, trims, hat buckle, belts, zipper pullers, laces, pu leather, hang tags, sewing buttons, brooches, fashion button, puller, bracelet, chain, stud, pin, pendant, dungarees, dungaree clips, clips, brass buckle, zamak buckle, zamak button, alloy button, rhinestone button, sewing button, shank button, holed button, leather label
    Since 1985. We are producers of Buttons, Rivets, Eyelets, cordends, stoppers, hooks, metal logo, broches, embellishments, trims, jacrons, leather labels, snap fasteners and all
    Telephone: +905438998903 Address: Karadeniz Mah., Ertugrul Cad., No: 22, Küçükköy, Gaziosmanpaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • textile products, textile materials, home textiles, household linens, bathrobes, towels, t-shirts, shirts, plain dyed bathrobes, embroidered bathrobes, beach towels, bed linings, piques, bedclothes, duvets, threads, yarns, pestemals, mats, textile product, textile material, home textile, household linen, bathrobe, towel, t-shirt, shirt, plain dyed bathrobe, embroidered bathrobe, plain dyed towel, embroidered towel, terry fabric bathrobe, duvet, thread, yarn, pestemal
    Nisa in operation since 2011. Coil Coatings is one of the most important business in the region. Has one of the largest paint shop. All our production is made for export. The
    Telephone: +90 258 269 22 22 Address: OSB Birinci Kısım, Nevzat Koru Cad., No: 34, Honaz, Denizli, Turkey
  • foods, food products, milk products, dairy products, cheeses, cheddar cheeses, curd cheeses, toast cheeses, cream cheeses, yoghurt, yogurt, yogurt drink, ayran, fabrics, textiles, textile products, yarns, threads, food, food product, milk product, dairy product, cheese, cheddar cheese, curd cheese, toast cheese, cream cheese, yogurt drinks, fabric, textile, textile product, yarn, thread, ,
    Öndem foreign trade is representative of producers in foreign countries operating in textile and food fields and marketing their products to various firms. Aims to have a wider
    Telephone: +90 224 483 68 58 Address: Görükle Mah., Akçay Sk. No: 1 D: 8, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • fabrics, yarns, swabs, rubbers, rags, bobbin threads, bobbin yarns, hosiery yarns, combed cotton yarns, bobbin hosiery yarns, hosiery bobbin yarns, bobbin hosiery threads, hosiery bobbin threads, cloth wastes, fabric wastes, fabric scraps, fabric, yarn, washcloth, tshirt yarn, tshirt fabric yarn, hand knitting yarn, hosiery crochet yarn
    Yener Textile was established with the aim of providing recycle of waste fabrics which are the requirement of fabric and fabric sub-product
    Telephone: +90 553 526 46 74 - +90 532 357 35 37 Address: Ulaş OSB Mah., D100 Cad., No: 55/5, Ergene 2. OSB, Ergene, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • thread, threads, yarn, yarns, string, strings, acrylic thread, acrylic threads, acrylic yarn, acrylic yarns, acrylic string, acrylic strings, acrylic
    Telephone: +90 342 337 13 41 Address: 1. Org. San. Böl., 83101 Nolu Cad., No: 33, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • agricultural ropes, bag closer ropes, baling machine lines, flower greenhouse ropes, landless agricultural threads, packing lines, greenhouse ropes, seedling violet shades, bee veils, rope, ropes, agricultural rope, bag closer rope, baling machine line, flower greenhouse rope, landless agricultural thread, packing line, greenhouse rope, seedling violet shade, bee veil, agricultural rope, agricultural propes, agriculture rope, agriculture ropes, agricultural thread, agricultural threads, agriculture thread, agriculture threads, sack thread, sack threads, packing rope, packing ropes, packing yarn, packing yarns, packing thread, packing threads, packaging thread, packaging thread, packaging rope, packaging ropes, packaging yarn, packaging yarns
    Hasat Plastik is thrilled to share its knowledge and experience with its valuable customers during its production over 10 years. Since the day it was founded, our company, which
    Telephone: +90 242 258 00 16 Address: Antalya Org. San. Böl. 2. Etap 22. Cad. No: 15, Döşemealtı, Antalya, Türkiye
  • threads, yarns, strings, knitting yarns, knitwear yarns, tricot yarns, knitting threads, knitwear threads, tricot threads, knitting strings, knitwear strings, tricot strings, thread, yarn, string, knitting yarn, knitwear yarn, tricot yarn, knitting thread, knitwear thread, tricot thread, knitting string, knitwear string, tricot string, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, fancy yarn, fancy yarns
    With over 10 years of experience in textile field, We supply yarns for the most prestigious brand in the
    Telephone: +90 342 337 82 50 Address: 3. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 83326 Nolu Cad., No: 5, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • yarn, yarns, thread, threads, woven yarn, woven yarns, vigogne yarn, vigogne yarns, worst, worsts, worsted, worsteds, ne 8/1 vigogne yarns, ne 20/1 vigogne yarns, ne 9/1 vigogne yarns, ne 10/1 vigogne yarns, ne 11/1 vigogne yarns, ne 12/1 vigogne yarns, ne 13/1 vigogne yarns, ne 14/1 vigogne yarns, ne 15/1 vigogne yarns, ne 16/1 vigogne yarns, ne 17/1 vigogne yarns, ne 18/1 vigogne yarns, ne 19/1 vigogne yarns, ne 6/1 woven yarns, ne 30/1 woven yarns, ne 7/1 woven yarns, ne 8/1 woven yarns, ne 9/1 woven yarns, ne 10/1 woven yarns, ne 11/1 woven yarns, ne 12/1 woven yarns, ne 8/1 vigogne yarn, ne 20/1 vigogne yarn, ne 9/1 vigogne yarn, ne 10/1 vigogne yarn, ne 11/1 vigogne yarn, ne 12/1 vigogne yarn, ne 13/1 vigogne yarn, ne 14/1 vigogne yarn, ne 15/1 vigogne yarn, ne 16/1 vigogne yarn, ne 17/1 vigogne yarn, ne 18/1 vigogne yarn, ne 19/1 vigogne yarn, ne 6/1 woven yarn, ne 30/1 woven yarn, ne 7/1 woven yarn, ne 8/1 woven yarn, ne 9/1 woven yarn, ne 10/1 woven yarn, ne 11/1 woven yarn, ne 12/1 woven yarn
    As MSF Iplik we have become the vocal voice of the region from the first day in textile and towel spinning with innovative production structure of Sanliurfa, experienced and young
    Telephone: +90 414 502 00 35 Address: 1. Org. San. Böl. 5. Cad. No: 46/1, Eyübiye, Şanlıurfa, Turkey
  • textile items, textile materials, textile products, yarns, threads, filaments, fibers, fibres, gimped yarns, centered gimped yarns, texturized yarns, dty texturized yarns, double cover yarns, single cover yarns, micro filament yarns, woven fabric yarns, narrow woven yarns, seamless underwear yarns, socks yarns, women socks yarns, knitwear yarns, textile item, textile material, textile product, yarn, thread, filament, fiber, fibre, gimped yarn, centered gimped yarn, texturized yarn, dty texturize
    Founded in 2011 , Gipeciler Textile , has built it’s reputation on excellence on production and design values which still contribute it’s success and continuity. An aircover
    Telephone: +90 224 261 61 08 Address: Demirtaş Organize San.Böl., Zambak Sok., No:2/A, Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
  • textile products, textile materials, ready garments, garments, textile accessories, scarves, shawls, traditional scarves, fabrics, tableclothes, authentic garments, otantich garments, yarns, threads, pashminas, winter scarves, kerchieves, indian kerchieves, headscarves, cotton kerchieves, polyester kerchieves, overlock kerchieves, wool kerchieves, guipure kerchieves, crochet kerchieves, stitched kerchieves, head wraps, hijabs, headwears, grege yarns, dyed yarns, scarf, scarves, shawl, shawls
    Has Ozgen Textile Ind & Trade J-S., CO. was established at 1994. Solid dying, panel printing, rotation printing is proceeded in house w/210 workers. • Solid dying
    Telephone: +90 356 232 96 00 Address: Organize San. Böl., 1. Kısım, Merkez, Tokat, Turkey
  • fabrics, home textile fabrics, upholstery fabrics, drapery, jacquard woven fabrics, woven fabrics, chenille yarns, tablecloth upholsteries, cotton woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, cotton clothes, wear fabrics, fabric wovens, hosieries, yarns, threads, cotton woven fabrics, wool woven fabric, wool fabrics, woolen fabrics, silk fabrics, silk, silk woven fabrics, mixed yarns, artificial yarns, synthetic yarns, polypropylene yarns, jacquard fabrics, upholsteries, draperies, upholsters
    Established in 1993 for upholstery and curtain fabric manufacturing MARSTEKS continues to manufacture under MARSEW brand within YILMAZ GROUP at BURSA DEMIRTAS ORGANIZED INDUSTRY
    Telephone: +90 224 261 58 68 Address: Ali Osman Sönmez Cd. No:32 16260 Dosab - Bursa, Turkey
  • textile products, food products, construction Materials, building materials, threads, yarns, textile products, knitted products, cotton products, cotton, cotton waste, dry vegetables, dry fruits, spices, nuts, canned food, canned foods, pickles, morel, capers, grains, biscuits, wafers, non-alcoholic beverages, drinks, beverage products, steel doors, iron ores, manhole covers, manhole grids, manhole cover grids, kitchen cabinets, cloakrooms, infrastructure products, yarn, door, doors, steel, verpa, verpa bohemica, fire doors, fire
    Melik Ithalat Ihracat Ic Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. is a young company established in Gaziantep. Our activities are Textile (spinning, weaving, knitting, cotton, cotton waste) Food
    Telephone: +90 532 711 81 96 Address: Sanayi Mah. 60147 Cd. No: 4 Şehitkamil - Gaziantep, Turkey
  • textile recycling cotton fiber, wool blanket, acrylic fiber, polyester staple fiber, viscose fiber, wool, cotton, yarn, rash silicon, fiber, threads, thread, hospital blanket, military blanket, aid blanket, tender blanket, blanket, rug of wool fabric, scraps of cotton fabric scraps, cotton blanket, textile recycling
    We cents textile recycling cotton fiber, wool blanket, acrylic fiber, polyester staple fiber, viscose fiber, wool, cotton, yarn, rash silicon, fiber,thread, thread, hospital
    Telephone: 05322167219 mobil Address: Karma Organize Yolu Üzeri Yeni Pamuklu Dokumacılar Sitesi No 81-88- Uşak Yurkey, Turkey
  • textile products, textile product, textile accessories, fabrics, fabric, jacquard ribs, jacquard rib, two-thread, three-thread, knitting fabrics, knitting products, jersey fabric, rib fabrics, interlock, interlock fabrics, threads
    FROM 1984 TO PRESENT… Our company, incorporated under the name of Quality, Confidence and Service philosophy and following the technology closely with a more innovative approach
    Telephone: +90 212 886 92 92 Address: Akçaburgaz Mah. Akçaburgaz Cad. No:87 Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • industrial sewing thread, industrial sewing threads
    NR International is private limited company and engaged in ex;porting and service
    Telephone: 92 334 3562091 Address: R-25/A. White Houses, Sector 16-B, KDA Scheme 33 Gulzar-e-Hijri
  • food products, food supplies, building materials, construction materials, medical products, textiles, textile products, apparel products, readywears, clothings, home textiles, threads, towels, underwear products, edible oils, olive oils, sunflower oils, pulse products, pulses, turkish delights, confectionery products, confectioneries, eggs, chicken eggs, flours, olives
    Our company gives services on export-import, construction, real estate, and investment advice with its expert team. We meet the demands of food, textile, construction materials,
    Telephone: +90 224 413 80 70 Address: Altınşehir Mah. 303. Sok. No: 215 Nilüfer - Bursa, Turkey
  • Handmade Rugs, Kilims, Carpets, Home Textile, Blankets, Towels, Bed Sets, Pillow, Covers, Bath Sets, Household Items, Knitting Fabrics, Leather, Leather Products, Mop Yarns, Mops, Textile Accessories, Zipper, Button, Label, Sewing Threads, Workwear, Woven Fabrics, Uniforms, Yarns, Knitting, Wovens Fabrics, Leather, Fabrics, Cotton, Yarn, Kilim, Carpet, Mop, Scarf, Fabric, Genuine, Lamb, Skin, Gabardine, Canvas, Poplin, Shoddy, Recycled, Kilims, Yarns, Regenerated, Rugs, Scarves, Home, Textile, Bed, Linen, Sets, Bedrope, Bathroom, Kitchen, Coveralls
    We are one of leader import/export company specialized textile industry in Turkey. Our main products are fabrics, yarns, cotton, leather and textile
    Telephone: 276 213 1166 Address: Ataturk Mahallesı , 1.Camcı Sokak, No.67/A ( Zıgcıler Sıtesı ) , 64300 - Usak/Turkey.
  • absorbable, catgut, dexon, disposable, factory, hospital consumables, hospital supplies, maxon, medical, needle, pds, pga, pgla, polyamide, polyester, polyglactin 910, polyglcatin, polyglycolic acid, rapid pga, rapid pgla, silk, single use, surgery, surgical suture, surgical thread, surgical threads, suture, vicryl
    Setpa is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Sterile Surgical Sutures in Turkey. Setpa was founded in 1998, with the aim of becoming a trusted provider of single use medical
    Telephone: +902324589051 Address: 1145/4 SOK. NO:13 KAT:1 YENİŞEHİR/İZMİR
  • textile materials, textile products, yarns, threads, fabrics, winter fabrics, summer fabrics, men winter fabrics, lady winter fabrics, men summer fabrics, lady summer fabrics, viscose, twisted viscose, compact interlock, combed lacoste, full lycra jersey, full lycra double-knit, combed cotton jersey, combed double-knit, diagonal, cotton polyester double-knit
    We have been active in the sector since 1998. Our monthly capacity is 350 ton. We export to countries like Bulgaria, Greece and Russia. We also manufacture special products for
    Telephone: +90 212 546 41 18  Address: Telsiz Mah., G.9 Sok., No: 6/A Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • yarns, threads, curtain yarns, kniting yarns, weaving yarns, curtain threads
    Telephone: ( 90) 224 376 15 57 Address: Barakfakih Mah. Vatan Cad. No: 39/1-2 Kestel / BURSa- turkey
  • textile products, yarn, yarns, threads, zippers, textile materials, textile accessories, shirt accessories, hangers for clothes, clothes hangers, sewing thread, sewing yarn, overlock thread, overlock yarn, cord, rope, parcel rope, sack sewing thread, silver thread, silvery yarn, zipper strip, tapes, labels, clothing tag, adhesive tape, ribbons, ribbon, carton mold for clothes, label gun, interlining, stiffening cloth, buttons, buttons for clothes, metal buttons, plastic buttons
    Bukle Iplik started its business life in Bursa in 1989. In 1994 company institutionalized and became an incorporated company. Company has maintained its activities in
    Telephone: +90 224 250 20 98-99 Address: Yunusemre Mahallesi Vişne Caddesi No : 165/A Yıldırım / Bursa, Turkey
  • Yarn, Angora Yarn, Aran Yarn, Bamboo Yarn, Bargain Yarn, Boucle Yarn, Carpet Yarn, Chenille Yarn, Cone Yarn, Cotton Crochet, Cotton Knitting, Cotton Thread, Cotton Threads, Cotton Viscose, Cotton Yard, Cotton Yarn, Crochet Cotton, Crochet Cottons, Crochet Yarn, Crocheting Yarn, Denim Yarn, Designer Yarn, Dk Yarn, Fabric Yarn, Felting Yarn, Fiber Yarn, Filament Yarn, Fine Yarn, Flounce Yarn, Fun Yarn, Fur Yarn, Handspun Yarn, Hemp Yarn, Impeccable Yarn, Knitting Cotton, Lace Yarn, Lang Yarn, Linen Yarn, Lopi Yarn
    Telephone: 90 (344) 257 95 60 pbx Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 5. Cadde No:133/1 Kahramanmaras TURKEY
  • Ropes, Yarns, Threads
    Telephone: 05324837901
  • ball jean buttons, brass rivets, buckles, button, buttons, buttons for clothes, buttons for clothing, enamel buttons, eyelets, jean buttons, label threads, metal buttons, metal textile accessories, metalized buttons, metallic accessories, pinned accessories, polyester buttons, textile accessories
    Starting its business life in Merter district of Istanbul, HKS manufactures textile accessories such as buttons, belts and metal accessories for clothes. Company aims to be one of
    Telephone: +90 212 483 29 30 / +90 212 483 28 40 / +90 212 48 Address: Nezihi Ozmen Mahallesi, Savas Caddesi, Cam Sokak, No: 13, Merter, Istanbul, Turkey
  • furniture materials, furniture products, furniture accessories, packings, primers, base fabrics, plastic bases, bolts, sewing threads, hand cutters, elastic webbings, fibres, zippers, velcros, hook and loops, wicks, welding wires, air tools, needles, nails, paper products, quiltings, gimps, felts, mechanisms, hinges, feets, frames, grands, laths, legs, plastic product supports, chipboard screws, sponges, furniture material, furniture product, furniture accessory, furniture component
    Our company was established in 1983 in Kayseri with offices and facilities manufacturing mattress, base and soft furniture materials. Our company crowend its 30 year experience
    Telephone: +90 352 322 03 43 --- +90 549 454 37 38 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 43. Cad., No: 8, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
  • textile products, yarn, yarns, knittting yarn, knitting yarns, threads, thread, filament yarn, sweing yarn, o ring yarn
    Having started its business life under the name of Webcom internet services in 1997, company maintains its activities under the name of Medyax Information Services. Medyax
    Telephone: +90 224 221 63 04-220 73 94-220 81 66 Address: Reyhan Mh. Tayakadın Cd. Y.Bezzaz Sk. No: 1 Bursa - Turkey
  • yarn, textile products, threads, cotton yarn, sewing yarn, filament yarn, texturized yarn
    Company manufactures high quality yarns for meeting increasing requirements in textile
    Telephone: +90 224 219 79 10 Address: Yeni Yalova Yolu 12. Km Alaşar Mevkii No: 513 Osmangazi Bursa - Turkey
  • Yarns & Threads manufacturer from Malaysia. We are specializing in making bag closing threads, filament threads, twines & cordages,butcher twines, mop yarns,
    Telephone: 00 603 31675162 Address: malaysia
  • Ropes, Washing Polypropylene Ropes, Polypropylene Rope Laundry, Polypropylene Ropes, Agriculture Threads, Bale Ropes, Greenhouse Ropes, Industrial Threads, Polypropylene Package Ropes, Ropes
    Telephone: 90.258.3716078 Address: Sümer Mahallesi Bakırlı Altı 2491 Sk. No: 18 DENİZLİ TURKEY
  • Yarn, Angora Yarn, Aran Yarn, Bamboo Yarn, Boucle Yarn, Carpet Yarn, Chenille Yarn, Cone Yarn, Cotton Crochet, Cotton Knitting, Cotton Thread, Cotton Threads, Cotton Viscose, Cotton Yard, Cotton Yarn, Crochet Cotton, Crochet Cottons, Crochet Yarn, Crocheting Yarn, Denim Yarn, Designer Yarn, Dk Yarn, Fabric Yarn, Felting Yarn, Fiber Yarn, Filament Yarn, Fine Yarn, Flounce Yarn, Fun Yarn, Fur Yarn, Handspun Yarn, Hemp Yarn, Impeccable Yarn, Knitting Cotton, Lace Yarn, Lang Yarn, Linen Yarn, Lopi Yarn, Luxury Yarn, Merino Yarn, Metallic Yarn, Mohair Yarn, Natural Yarn, Noro Yarn, Novelty Yarn, Nylon Yarn, Organic Yarn, Paradise Yarn, Poly Yarn, Purchase Yarn, Rayon Yarn, Reynolds Yarn, Ribbon Yarn, Rowan Yarn, Rug Yarn, Sayelle Yarn, Slub Yarn, Soft Yarn, Soy Yarn, Specialty Yarn, Sweater Yarn, Synthetic Yarn, Textile Yarn, Textured Yarn, Thick Yarn, Turkish Cotton, Turkish Yarn, Tweed Yarn, Undyed Yarn, Variegated Yarn, Viscose Yarn, Weaving Cotton, Woolen Yarn, Worsted Yarn, Yarn Bee, Yarn Catalogs, Yarn Colors, Yarn Company, Yarn Cotton, Yarn Crochet, Yarn Distributors, Yarn Exporters, Yarn Fabric, Yarn Industry, Yarn Kits, Yarn Needle, Yarn Production, Yarn Supplies, Yarn Supply
    Telephone: 90 276 266 83 10  Address: Uşak Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 103. cad. no:201 / UŞAK / TURKEY
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